We specialize in ballroom, latin and swing
dance lessons for students of all ages and
abilities.  Classes are offered in
Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding
communities, mostly through community education
and park and recreation programs.  

The Constantine family has a long
history of teaching people who have never
danced before.  They provide newcomers to
dance with a comfortable, non-threatening
environment where even the most reluctant
participants discover they can be successful.  
In Constantine's classes, you'll find that
quality instruction, professionalism, and humor all come together to create a most
enjoyable experience and an introduction to dance that you won't find elsewhere.

Beginning Level 1 classes introduce students to several steps in a variety of dances.  The
core dances taught are the waltz, foxtrot and single rhythm swing.  Other dances
included in the course vary, but often include salsa, rumba, cha cha, polka, tango, triple
rhythm swing, hustle, country western, or old time waltz. (See
Group Classes for more

Level 2 classes are a continuation of the Level 1 program.  We continue reviewing
everything we've learned up to this point, and then add more!  We teach new steps and
offer styling tips to keep you progressing and gaining more enjoyment from your dancing.  
Everyone who completes Level 1 is welcome to attend Level 2!  (See
Group Classes for
more details)

Level 3 classes and above continue to build on everything you've learned the past 8 or
more weeks.  By this point, your confidence on the dance floor can't help but be noticed!  
(Level 3 and higher are scheduled throughout the year as interest allows.  Periodically
check the
Class Schedule if attending is of interest to you.)

Each course consists of four 1½ hour lessons.  The fee is $55 per person (most locations),
and you are invited to attend make-up lessons for FREE!

Classes usually begin at 7:00 or 7:30 in the evening, and are offered throughout the Twin

A partner is suggested, but not required.  Those students who come alone will rotate
dancing with others who have come alone, but we cannot make promises as to how many
others will be at each class.  Those  who have come with a partner will not be asked to
trade or switch off dancing with anyone else.

Constantine’s dance classes are fun and easy, and the most inexpensive way to learn to
dance!  At less than $10 per hour of instruction, you know you're getting the most for
your money!
Constantine Dance Classes
Dean and Mary Constantine, Founders