Deanna Constantine
Constantine Dance Classes
The Constantine family has been instrumental in promoting and
instructing ballroom dance in the metro area for nearly 60 years!  
Deanna is carrying on the tradition established by her parents,
Dean and Mary Constantine.

Deanna Constantine teaches ballroom dance for a multitude of
community education and park & recreation programs throughout the
Twin Cities.  She specializes in teaching newcomers to dance,
realizing that many beginners are nervous and a little reluctant to
attend lessons.  She provides a welcoming atmosphere, precise
instruction, and helpful demonstrations.  She makes learning to
dance fun and easy!

Deanna began her ballroom training as a young child, attending her
parent's classes and later, assistant teaching with them.  She
received training from various local dance professionals, and
benefited from her many years of training in Russian classical
ballet.  She holds a B.S. in Education from the University of
Dean & Mary Constantine
This is the couple with whom it all began.  Dean and Mary met over
50 years ago when they were dance instructors at Arthur Murray's
in Minneapolis.  They later married and began offering lessons for
home groups, country clubs, and other private organizations.  Looking
for a way to expand, they had an original idea of bringing ballroom
dance to communities all around the Twin Cities.     

They began offering classes through community education programs,
and in no time they were teaching for over 30 districts.  It proved
to be exactly what people around the state were looking for, and
nearly 60 years later, Constantine Dance Classes are still being
offered in many of the same districts that first hosted them.

Dean and Mary boast having taught well over 100,000 people to
dance!  They've been selected three times as "Best Dance
Instructors in the Twin Cities" by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine
(Nov. 1977, Dec. 1995, Aug. 2002) and "Best Dance Instructor" by
City Pages (May, 2005).  They were honored in Sept. 2006 with the
"Lifetime Achievement Award" presented to them at the Mall of
America by USA Dance Minnesota.  Mary still resides in Minnesota.  
Dean passed away on Sept. 23, 2016 at the age of 86.